Gathered by Christ to be and make Disciples

King Cakes Activity

King Cake with colors

King Cakes originated in Europe as a celebratory food of the Feast of Epiphany or Twelfth Night Celebration, which occurs on January 6 (twelve nights after Christmas). The cakes represent the three Kings who traveled to celebrate the Christ child’s birth and often contain a bean or trinket that represents the Christ child.

The cakes are oval or round, which represents the course that the wise men took because they did not return home the same route they originally traveled during their search for the Christ child. The cakes are iced and decorated with sugar sprinkles in green (to signify faith), purple (to signify justice), and yellow (to signify power). The King Cake season extends from January 6 until Mardi Gras.

On Saturday, January 2, the Fellowship and Christian Ed committees sponsored a King Cake Baking/Lunch activity. Participants were invited to bake and decorate a cake, and enjoy lunch while cakes were in the oven. The Fellowship Committee provided a sampling of the King Cakes, after the Epiphany Service on January 6.

2015 Backyard Bible Camp: Week Three

The overall theme of the 2015 Backyard Bible Camp (BYBC) was “God Rescues Us”. Joshua, the crossing of the Jordon River into the Promised Land, and the battle of Jericho were all part of the theme for the third BYBC. God again provides the way for the Israelites to have the land He had promised them. God keeps His promise to us that we have a way to be with Him both now and in eternity. It is through faith in Jesus.

As in previous BYBC events, the activities, snacks, and games reflected the story theme of the day.

2 Story Time - Joshua

3 Craft time

5 Crossing the Jordon River - River stopped

1 Song Time - Joshua

4 Craft

6 Snack - Rams horns

2015 Backyard Bible Camp: Week Two

The overall theme of the 2015 Backyard Bible Camp (BYBC) was “God Rescues Us”. The second in a series of BYBC events centered on God’s rescue of the Israelites from Egypt and illustrated how God parted the Red Sea to help them escape Pharaoh’s army.

Pastor Luke led the song time and told the story. Attendees demonstrated what they had learned by acting out the story. Pastor Luke then described how Jesus saves us from our sins when we believe in Him. The craft, snack, and game centered on the parting of the Red Sea.

1 Song time

4 Moses at the Red Sea

3 Roll Playing

2 Story Time

6 Snack - Parting of the Red Sea

5 Craft

2015 Backyard Bible Camp: Week One

The overall theme of the 2015 Backyard Bible Camp (BYBC) was “God Rescues Us”. The first BYBC event centered on the story of Noah. God needed to clean the world that was full of sin. God planned to flood the whole world, but He wanted to save Noah and his family. Even though Noah was not perfect, he was a man who followed God.

Pastor Luke told the story of Noah and also related it to our own baptisms when we are washed clean of our sins because Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Throughout the series of BYBC events, the song time, story, crafts, and snacks all centered on the story theme for each event.

1 Story time

4 All in the Ark

5 Craft

6  Snack

Purls of Prayer Ministry


Purls of Prayer is a prayer shawl ministry at Reformation Lutheran Church. Group members knit or crochet various items from wraps, shawls, and blankets to hats, mittens, and scarves for those in need. On Sunday, October 11, these warm and comforting items were blessed and dedicated during the morning worship service.

The group meets the third Wednesday of each month and is open to anyone who desires to contribute to this ministry. Anyone who cannot attend meetings is encouraged to participate by working on items at home. For more information, call (717) 947-4284.





Reformation Yard Sale – September 18 & 19

band hallReformation Lutheran Church will hold a gigantic multi-family yard sale to benefit the church building fund on Fri., Sept. 18 (8am-4pm) and Sat., Sept. 19 (8am-2pm) at the Ironville Band Hall, located on the corner of Prospect Rd. and Holly Dr. in West Hempfield Township.

Items include a variety of clothes, household goods, books, toys, furniture, and food for sale while you shop! We have something for everyone!