Gathered by Christ to be and make Disciples

Studies in Lutheranism

Times/Days when these series are offered are dependent upon interest. Historically they have been held Monday afternoons and Sunday evenings.

Luther – This series started with the showing of the film “Luther.” The movie covers the early years of Martin Luther’s life, from his days as a monk in the early 1500s to the proclamation of the Augsburg Confession in 1530, which founded the Lutheran Church in Germany. It is a wonderful, entertaining historical drama that shows how one man’s faith in God changed the history of the world. “Luther” clearly shows that Martin Luther’s career led to an increased respect for the mercy of God and the importance of God’s Word, the Bible. Discussion time for the movie began on November 25 continued through January, 2013.

Living Discipleship – This thirteen-week course was based on Luther’s Small Confession via the Scriptures. The subject was written thirty years ago by a Missouri Synod pastor. This Bible study helped attendees get grounded in the Word of God.