Gathered by Christ to be and make Disciples

Life-to-Life Groups

The small group setting is intentionally limited to 6-10 people to more effectively allow members to grow in Christ’s love through prayer, book study, discussion, and fellowship.

Past Studies
A small group of women met to study a book titled Divine Design: 40 Days of Spiritual Makeover. The study contained true stories and encouragement that led the reader through a makeover, not a fashion makeover, but an alteration of attitude.  The journey through the pages, by God’s grace, enabled the reader to experience a spiritual makeover that will change her heart.  This renovation of character will not become chipped, scuffed, or passé!

Gene Edward Veith, Jr., authors the book The Spirituality of the Cross.  Veith, who “drifted from religion to religion, church to church, from very liberal to very conservative” finally discovered the Gospel in the Lutheran Spiritual Tradition. The book details how many today are seeking spirituality. Churches would naturally seem to be spiritual growth centers, but often we come away unfulfilled. This book helps you see how the cross of Jesus Christ resonates in your ordinary, everyday life. Topics include justification, the means of grace, how God is hidden within us and in our lives, spirituality in our ordinary vocational lives, God’s two kingdoms of heaven and earth, and worship.