Gathered by Christ to be and make Disciples

Adult Sunday School

Past Curricula:

The book of Revelation is full of monsters, beasts, fire, and the end of the world, but what does this all have to do with God’s plan for the future and present? Did you know that the Book of Revelation is just as beautiful and hopeful as it is shocking and terrifying? We used Dr. Ben Witherington’s DVD study “Revelation and the End Times” to help us understand the end times.

Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians is a vital part of the New Testament. In this short book, the apostle Paul is very clear about a proper understanding of the law, gospel, and Christian Freedom. Studying this book has always enriched God’s people as they seek to be true disciples of Jesus Christ, their complete and final savior.  This was a six-week Bible study.

Stump the Pastor – a time to ask Pastor Luke questions.