Gathered by Christ to be and make Disciples

2016 – A Catechism Year

Sunday School Focus

Beginning June 12, Sunday School continues with the opening and closing sermons given by Bishop John Bradosky at the ‘Mission Possible” Festival last fall in Upper Arlington Lutheran Church, Hillard, Ohio. The messages come from Acts and explain two important lessons; the first about Saul the persecutor turned disciple then Ananias the messenger.

These two sermons set the stage for the subsequent four weeks of Sunday School when Biblical verses will be studied to see how they can apply to our lives as we grow in faith and witness.

The focus of these next six week is to understand Bishop John’s focus plus help each of us talk about our faith in a more relaxed and intentional way no matter where we are in our personal faith journey. These should prove to be interesting sessions.

mission impossible

In January 2016, we begin another “Catechism Year”: a year in which we journey together through our basic manual on discipleship: Martin Luther’s Small Catechism. In a multitude of ways, we will hear, study, discuss, and share together in the Catechism.

What will we do?

Together, we will go through Luther’s Catechism. Each week will be devoted to a specific section (example: week one will focus on the 1st Commandment, week two – the 2nd Commandment, etc). It will be read at the Divine Service, taught in the children’s sermon, explored during Sunday School, and then taken home to be read, studied, prayed, and discussed around the table.


What do I need?

You will need a copy of Martin Luther’s Small Catechism. If you don’t have one, one will be provided for you. For those who wish to go deeper, you may use Martin Luther’s Large Catechism or An Explanation of Martin Luther’s Small Catechism by Joseph Stump.

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