Gathered by Christ to be and make Disciples

What We Believe

The message at the center of all we teach and do:

We do not claim to have come up with anything new, but seek to share what has been passed on through the Christian Church from the very beginning:

What?  That in Jesus Christ, God became man to rescue us from all that seeks to harm us from without and the soul-cancer killing us from within, which Holy Scripture calls “sin”.

Where?  God is present all places, and His fingerprints all over our marvelous world. Yet, God has only promised to give the cure for our soul-cancer in a specific way – His Word and Sacraments* – which the Church stewards and shares with the world, and which we gladly receive by faith.

What then?  God is busy gathering sin-sick souls to Himself to make well, to forgive, and to make them a part of His mission in the world. He is doing this among us. Come, join us.

*A Sacrament is a visible, touchable thing through which the Lord has promised to give us His grace. They are: Holy Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.